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Valley View Schools to Launch “Pay It Forward 365”

Acts of kindness will be visible throughout the Valley View School District 365U during the week of Feb. 4.

Acts of kindness will be visible everywhere starting the week of Feb. 4 as students throughout Valley View School District 365U launch “Pay It Forward 365.”

Designed as a way to help students and staff focus on positive interactions throughout their daily lives, “Pay It Forward 365” is modeled after a national campaign based on the Kevin Spacey movie “Pay it Forward” about a teacher who inspires a student to complete acts of kindness to three people. Those three people pay back that act of Kindness with three more acts of kindness each. And the kindness spreads like wildfire.

Specifically during the week of Feb. 4, but also extending throughout the remainder of the school year, “Pay It Forward 365” will feature activities and lessons in each school that will motivate students to consistently perform acts of kindness.

“Our goal for February is to have students feel the power of being the recipient and giver of good deeds,” said Michele Bochnak, who heads up VVSD’s anti-bullying task force. “Hopefully the good feeling that kindness brings will change attitudes in our school and limit bullying behaviors.”

Although plans in most schools are still being developed, one VVSD middle school hopes to hold a staff versus student flag football game and will also conduct a canned food drive. A VVSD elementary school will host the shooting of a short film, created by a Bolingbrook High School graduate, on the power of respect.  

Other events planned include decorating paper bricks to help build a kinder school building, signing kindness pledges and filling up buckets with nice things to say about fellow students.

“We’re hoping this will spill over into the community too, with our students performing acts of kindness everywhere,” Bochnak said.


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Valerie Summers January 21, 2013 at 04:18 PM
Awesome idea!!! I try and teach my kids to be kind to others, and they have been known to stand up for some not so popular kids. An example if a small kind thing, that I didn't even know about till much after it started was.....my daughter had a student in her class, that we will just say wasn't like mist kids. He always sat in the back of the room by himself. She always, every single day made a point to go back there and say hi, and ask him how his day has been. She did get changed out of the class, and was not worried at all about her entire schedule being changed, she was worried that no one would do that for him, and how he depended on her each day, treating him with kindness. Such a very small thing, but she said he smiled so big to see her walk in class because he knew she was going to be kind to him. If everyone could just be nice to one another would be awesome. My daughter said, it took no time at all, and seemed to mean so much to him!!


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