Lukancic Middle School Remembers 9/11

Five schools in Valley View School District 365U have special events planned for the 11th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

Teacher Wendy Sifuentes' sixth-grade students were born in 2001.   

That's why she decided to organize an event to honor the 11th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, at Lukancic Tuesday. Romeoville police and firefighters shook hands with students as they arrived at school. Students recognized a moment of silence during the daily announcements and heard a short history of the day. 

Then, students presented the police and firefighters with "Thank You" posters, each created by a different Lukancic Social Studies class. 

"These students have no emotional connection to (9/11)," Sifuentes said. "For adults, it's still terrifying. We wanted to take something that is still very difficult to remember and make something positive from that." 

While 9/11 is not part of the students' social studies curriculum, staff will take time to talk to the students about the tragedy and its lasting effects on the United States. 

Sifuentes said creating the cards honors those who serve the students' community. 

"It's just a way to say, 'Thank you,'" she said. "Each student is putting his or her name down as respect to those who serve and protect us."

Five schools in the district have special events planned for Tuesday. Students at will form a red, white and blue star for a school photo. 

At , every kindergartener will place his or her handprint on a Patriot Day American flag quilt. 


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