2014 Calendar: Romeoville Band Boosters Put Unique New Spin on Old Gift Idea

Deadline draws near and you don't want to miss out on Vanilla Pudding Day or Temporary Insanity Day—two of the many special payouts—do you?

Credit: Romeoville High School Band Boosters Facebook Page
Credit: Romeoville High School Band Boosters Facebook Page
The following article was submitted by Valley View School District 365U:

Less than three weeks remain to be a part of the unique 2014 RHS Band Prize Calendar fundraiser being conducted by the Romeoville High School Band Boosters Association.

One thousand individually numbered calendars with every possible three digit combination are being sold for $20 each. Half of the money will go to the Band Boosters while the other half will go into a prize fund that will be used to pay one winner every day of the year beginning Jan. 1, 2014.

How does someone win? By matching the Illinois Lottery’s Pick 3 numbers for that day. 

What’s the payout? A minimum of $20 each day but the calendar also contains plenty of special days with larger payouts ranging from $30 to $100. Among those special days are the usual holidays as well as such occasions as vanilla pudding day, lazy day s’mores day, temporary insanity day, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Hill’s birthdays, ask a stupid question day, national watermelon day, humbug day and a whole lot more.

Calendar holders can win multiple times throughout the year.

Sales are brisk and will be cut off when 1,000 calendars have been sold, according to Band Boosters officials, who are urging anyone who wants to participate to contact Chris Swank at chris.swank@me.com or 815-325-2112 before Dec. 31.


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