Romeoville Expands Focus of Economic Development Commission

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
Submitted by the Village of Romeoville:

For the past 20 years the Romeoville Economic Development Commission (EDC) has aggressively promoted the business climate for the Village's industrial and retail community. Their success can be easily measured by the development and growth in the Village during that time.  

There are currently more than 350 companies in Romeoville, many of which do not know the others exist. The result is lost opportunity to sell their products or provide their services. Additionally, many of these companies do not reach potential markets - locally, nationally and internationally.

The EDC is about to change that. Rick DiPego, owner of Fat Ricky's and Chair of the EDC, knows firsthand the value of promoting to the local business community. "We have enjoyed great growth and are expanding our operation due in a large part to the business we receive from companies in Romeoville," DiPego says. While Rick may not be seeking national or international business, many companies in Romeoville are or may have that goal.   

The Village of Romeoville, in concert with the EDC, has commissioned a business development and marketing firm with the focus of promoting Romeoville to national and international markets. "With this and other initiatives, our goal is to help our local companies be more successful.  Now we need their feedback," says DiPego.  

There are many facets to the initiative - most importantly, knowing more about the local businesses and how they operate. With this information the EDC can become a conduit for business opportunity. In the next week, the EDC will send a survey to every business in the Village. The success of this program will depend on owners and managers returning the completed survey immediately.


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