Quarry Expansion Proposal Has Residents Concerned

Nottingham Ridge residents were invited to a private, invitation-only meeting Monday at Village Hall. A public hearing on Hanson's application is set for the Jan. 4, 2012, village board meeting.

Residents of the Nottingham Ridge subdivision were invited to a private meeting Monday night to discuss a possible expansion plan for the Hanson Material Service quarry on Route 53.

Nottingham Ridge resident and homeowners' association president Anthony Bonanno said homeowners are concerned that a plan to annex an additional 80 acres could bring the blasting closer to their homes, increasing noise pollution and other issues for residents near the plant.

Bonanno said homeowners received a letter from the village Dec. 2 notifying them of Hanson’s interest in expanding onto the property along Taylor Road. The 80-acre parcel extends west from Hanson’s property on Route 53 past Belmont Avenue, according to Bonanno.

Mayor John Noak said he could not comment on Hanson's proposal. He added Monday night’s invitation-only meeting was not open to the press, and was intended to be a forum for Nottingham Ridge residents to present their concerns regarding the proposed expansion to Hanson representatives. Village board members would not be present at the meeting, Noak added.

Noak said a zoning request related to the expansion plan will go before the village's Planning and Zoning Commission for a public hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 29, at , 1050 W. Romeo Road. Meanwhile, a public hearing on Hanson's overall application is tentatively scheduled for the village board's regular meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012, at Village Hall.

On Monday morning, Hanson Plant Administrator Kim Castro said no one from the quarry was available to discuss the expansion plan or Monday night’s meeting.

Homeowners concerned

Bonanno said many Nottingham Ridge residents, whose homes are located north of the Taylor Road property, were under the impression that the quarry blasting would be a temporary inconvenience.

When he purchased his home from now-bankrupt builder Neumann Homes eight years ago, Bonanno said he received a document stating that the quarry was “coming to the end of its life expectancy.”

“Now they’re talking another 20 years. Who … wants to buy a house next to a quarry and an airport?” Bonanno asked, referring to the nearby . “To be honest, they should never have let this subdivision be built.”

As part of the 2001 annexation agreement for the subdivision, Neumann Homes was required to notify any homebuyers of their property's proximity to both the quarry and the airport, along with the nearby Pinnacle industrial park on Taylor Road, according to Noak.

Residents believe the quarry expansion could bring the blasting even closer to their homes. 

“You feel it and it does shake the house,” he said, adding that the blasting becomes a bigger annoyance in the winter when the ground freezes.

“They blast, and you’d swear to God a freight train was going through your house,” Bonanno said, adding that he believes the blasting has even caused structural damage to homes near the quarry. “I’ve got seven cracks in my foundation, two cracks in the ceiling and one in the wall."

Though Noak said it was too early for the village to comment, Bonanno said he has spoken with the mayor and that they discussed ways the village hopes to minimize the impact on residents, as well as the possibility that Hanson may provide homeowners with insurance to cover damage caused by quarry blasting. 

“I’ll give them credit, it sounds like they’re trying to do it the smart way,” Bonanno said.

Noak urged residents who have concerns to contact the village.

"If people have questions, we're always happy to talk to them," he said. "They can email, they can call. That's what we're here for."

The Other Christine December 13, 2011 at 04:48 AM
I was at this meeting and it was a joke. Hanson is flexing it's corporate muscle and telling us they're going to expand regardless of the new plans. It's just a matter of how much more they can get. They kept saying they "want to be good neighbors." Well, the neighborhood has spoken. We said, "No more blasting! Our homes have enough damage and our property values have dropped enough! Now we can't even be sure our water or air is going to be protected. Or more importantly, that it's even being protected NOW!" At one point we were told by the mayor himself that the deal they (Material Services) got in 1995 was good for them, but not for the residents. So they've got us coming and going! Keep the original plan and they keep expanding, or take the new deal and roll the dice in another 15 years. If the deal was raw in '95 and it still passed, how long will it be before we say the same thing about this new plan? I recommend everyone who reads this calls the mayors office, or maybe more importantly Hanson Material Services directly. Tell them exactly what you think of their threats and their "good neighbor" status! If we can't stop them from expanding, maybe we can at least flood their phones!
Richard Schahczinski December 14, 2011 at 11:32 PM
I would recommend that someone would speak to the residents of College View subdivision, north of the airport and southwest of the present quarry. They may have input as to the veracity of the quarry administration and the validity of "insurance" to cover the damages by the quarry operations. The village has reportedly received over 300 complaints about the quarry operation but the representatives from the quarry deny receiving any complaints. When we as residents asked for a phone number to call the quarry to complain about the disturbances we were asked to call the village and not the business. I don't know but when I have problems with a business I bring it right to them. Why filter it through a village that should not have any affiliation with the company. Is there something we should Know? There are no criminal issues with the noise but should we file a civil complaint each time our solitude is disturbed by the increased blasting? As for the village administration, it seems that the incompetence of the Illinois political machines aren't limited to the past Governors of this state or the Senator we sent to Washington as President. It looks like it filters down to the local village administration as well. They say they listen and hear but it seems we speak one language, they speak another, and there's no one to translate.
Lynn Farr December 20, 2011 at 04:15 PM
I live on Airport Road in the Colleger View Subdivision and have for many years, long enough to see the airport expand and long enough to have been feeling the blasting from Material Service/Hanson for forty years. I went to all the meetings in 1995, and I know how futile all of our protesting was. I didn't matter how the residents felt then, how much it disrupted our lives on a daily basis. Our houses are damaged, our driveways destroyed,and every day peace and quiet just gone. None of it mattered to the people who run the quarry. We were told that the only way we could prove excessive blasting was to have a seismograhic recording of the blasting with time stamps to prove it. We were told that the only way to prove cracks in the walls of our homes were from blasting was to have video recordings of the blasting showing the cracks taking place. Ridiculous. There is no insurance coverage for the damage caused by the quarry blasting . Anyone who says there is, has been misinformed or is lying to achieve their own agenda. I am not happy that we have been lied to by the quarry companies again, and that their intention was not to honor the twenty year agreement that they made when they began operations on the west side or Rt. 53. But it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who remembers the meetings in 1995, The people from the quarry have no regard for those of us who own homes nearby. They didn't in 1995 and they don't now.


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