New Drinking Law Stiffens Parent Liability

New provisions kick in Jan. 1 that increases the penalties for parents who allow minors to drink on their property.

A law taking effect Jan. 1 will crack down on parents who allow minors to drink anywhere on their property, expanding on the current law that specifies it is illegal to let minors drink at their home. 

The law, which Amends the Liquor Control Act of 1934 — Public Act 97-1049 —makes it a misdemeanor carrying a $500 fine for any adult to knowingly permit minors under the age of 21 to drink alcohol on their property or in their home. If the violation results in bodily harm or death, the adult will be charged with a Class 4 felony.

The provision also strikes the requirement that the person in the home knows about the underage drinking activity.

In addition, a parent or guardian who knowingly allows a minor to use their property in a way that violates the act's prohibited sales and possession provisions is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

DUI attorney Donald Ramsell, of Ramsell & Associates, said the law goes too far in its attempt to punish parents when teenagers drink, forcing them to act like police officers any time teenagers visit their homes. 

"The old law carried penalties only when parents actually authorized the drinking or actually knew it was occurring. This new law would put a parent in jail for up to 1 year simply because they failed to prevent underage drinking on their properties," he said. 

If an adult calls the police for assistance with getting rid of anyone breaking the rules on their property, he or she would not be in violation of the act, according to the release. 

Read the legislation on the Illinois General Assembly Web site.

John Roberts December 30, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Yeah that's it let's think of mre way to lock up some parents so that ways the kid can really do as they please...then while the parents are in jail maybe the kid will do something because of lack of guidance and you can throw the kid into the Juvinial detention center too...and what do we end up with?...most of your citizens locked up,labeled,and unemployed...great thinking there dipshits....
John Roberts December 30, 2012 at 04:05 PM
At 18 your old enough to vote,drive a tank down the street in the middle of a Fing war zone,buy cigarettes that give you cancer and kill you,old enough to be responsible enough to have your own place,pay your own bills,buy a house,car,go buy porn in every state and the filthiest at that..but not old enough to drink a beer.....yep ass backwards thinking there....And hey politicians...How's that "war on drugs" been working out?....lol.. I know it hasn't here in Joliet.i see people every day getting locked up for drugs even after you sentenced them to Prison,Rehab,counciling.....politicians always think they are saving the world with restrictions and not education....only causing more chaos and more distrust in government..."sorry son I know you just came back for war and I would drink a beer with you but the politicians will throw me in jail" ..yep looks and makes real good sense don't it?....
John Roberts December 30, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Question......What is it that we do if locking people up and fining them does not work?....do we start taking pinki fingers?....maybe get a mandatory sentence so that way someone with no record can get sent to prison and further the unemployment,and cause need of more assistance because the felon can not find a job....now I see house parties with a bunch of teens....but Let's break this down...you can not spank your kid,at 18 they are to considered adults and can move out,you can not lock your kids up,you can not scream at them because of the "child abuse"claims the state allows to be pushed against you,you can not snatch anything for your kids hands because if you bump them they can say they were hurt and you assaulted them,you can not put your hands on your kids... so what is it exactly parents are supposed to do to stop their sneaky kid from drinking?watch them 24/7....lol they will move out and get drunk then...so that makes it worse..drunk with no guidance...oh wait maybe we can call the cops who will fine the parent for the kid being drunk...so exactly what is it a parent is supposed to do? Awful funny we consigns the court considers your kids adults at 18 but you the parent are going to jail for a minor drinking..you can go get your limbs shot off in war but not drink a beer.this is the result of a parent complaining to the government to do something.and what do they do..place restrictions to please the parent.now look at what we have..10 million way to go to jail
Kurt Bihler December 31, 2012 at 06:07 AM
Greedy insurance companies! Notice your premiums don't go down when they get bills like this passed.


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