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New Library Building to Cost Estimated $21 Million

Referendum on the ballot in April will ask voters if they agree to an increase in their taxes.

Residents in the Shorewood-Troy Library District will have to vote in April whether or not they want to see their taxes go up for the purpose of building a new library. The referendum question will be as follows:

Shall the limiting rate under the Property Tax Extension Limit Law for the Shorewood-Troy Public Library District, Will County, Illinois, be increased by an additional amount equal to .4164 percent above the limiting rate for any purpose of said Library District for levy year 2011 and be equal to .56 percent of the equalized assessed value of the taxable property therein for levy year 2013?

Board meetings voted on Jan. 11 to place the question on the ballot.

The proposed library will be located near the Shorewood Village Hall. It will be an estimated 47,500 square feet. The estimated total cost for the new building, which includes the cost of construction, furniture, fixtures and fees, is $21 million.

The library has maintained it does not have enough room in its current building. They have hosted a number of meetings to get feedback from residents.

"We didn’t really hear any anger or upset about the tax law," Shorewood-Troy Library Director Jennie Mills said in the Patch Dec. 13 story.

The total cost of the building was not known until after Jan. 10.

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Chris April 04, 2013 at 10:50 AM
Vote NO. I have a child and have been to the current library several times. It EMPTY of people. This is a waste of resources.
nora April 04, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Got my water bill yesterday and the village now has a monthy $6 fee for rehab of the sewers. This will be on your bill every month. What perfect timing, VOTE NO,NO,NO
Dense much? April 04, 2013 at 12:42 PM
Your right Nora, another fee after our village board bragged about not raising our sewer and water rates because of a deal with Joliet. My biggest problem with this up coming election is that Chapman is running unopposed for village president and most of the other positions are being ran by people who can't lose because there is only enough candidates to fill the positions. But I for one will be doing my best to vote incumbents out. Does anybody know what it cost to build the Joliet Library on Black Road? For some reason I'm thinking it was like $5 million ran over another $5 million. I could be wrong though, I can't find the number anywhere on the web....Imagine that.... VOTING NO! NO! NO!
Dense much? April 04, 2013 at 12:47 PM
Vacant as the heads of the people in it.... Lets all give resounding applauds to Chapman's vision to our Town Center......BOOOOOOOOOOOO Who builds a Town Center like Shorewood did? A Village Hall that looks like a mosque (for lack of anything else to call it) and then surrounds it with homes.
Infamous Steve April 04, 2013 at 02:33 PM
I agree...wish there was someone running against him that had a clue about the day to day struggle of the village residents.


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