Senate Rejects Gov's Decision to Close IYC, but May Not Be Enough

While both houses are expected to support an effort to keep several prisons open, the governor does not have to comply.

The Illinois Senate voted Wednesday to stop several prisons from being closed, including the Illinois Youth Center in Joliet, from being closed, according to a published report.

The Illinois House is expected to do the same, essentially overriding a veto of the funding for the facilities issued by Gov. Pat Quinn, a story in the Bloomington Pantagraph said.

What's not known, however, is whether the action will stop Quinn, who has the ability to close prisons without legislative approval and has been steadfast in saying he plans to do so.

“It would be wrong, but it is completely his option,” state Sen. Shane Cultra (R-Onarga) told the paper.

John Roberts November 29, 2012 at 02:08 PM
Any one have a clue as to what kids are mostly put into this facility?....I'll tell ya...it's not criminals...it's parents who constantly call the police because their kids were acting like they were when they were kids and they do not like it...I have seen kids locked up in here for running away from parents who enable the other spouse to just get smashed on drugs all day.smoke crack,shoot heroin,and when the kids run away and not listen to the parents who are all walked out the police get tired of chasing the kids and they get locked up in this facility...and the come out with a prison mentality...take your asses down there,talk to some of the kids in there like I have and you will see most are there because they ran away or got into it with their parents..any real criminal offenses and they would been more than likely charged as adults...is is not just being used as a prison for criminals it is being used for baby sitting kids the parents do not want to take responsibility for..or just can not handle the kids acted just like they did when they were young...
John Roberts November 29, 2012 at 02:12 PM
I know 3 kids that went there my self and they came out worse..not afraid to steal now,not afraid to hang around gang members any more,not afraid to go to the connection they made in there and start selling drugs,not afraid to run the mouth,not afraid to have a gun....They were already locked up and have some street credibility...pay attention people stop making this just about a job....remember it is a job to destroy the world and people will always fill the position....This facility has helped no one ..not one kid that I have seen....only made them less fearless of the law and of their parents....


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