‘Compromise’ Reapportionment Plan Splits Will County into 13 Districts

Romeoville will be part of a new District 3 and new District 13.

New district boundaries will mean one less Will County Board member. The current board voted last week to approve a consensus plan that divides the county into 13 two-member districts, a switch from the existing 9 districts with three members each. Each of the new districts will represent roughly 52,000 residents.

Under the new boundaries, most of Romeoville, or about 30,000 residents, will fall into the new District 3, along with sections of Woodridge, Lemont and Bolingbrook. The remainder of the village, about 10,000 residents, will be part of the new District 13, which also includes portions of Lakewood Falls subdivision located in unincorporated Will County, Carillon, Grand Haven and portions of Joliet, Crest Hill and Plainfield.

The existing boundaries divide Romeoville into three districts (districts 7, 5 and 3).

Romeoville Mayor John Noak said the new map is the result of bipartisan compromise among the board, which considered several possibilities, including a nine-district plan that would have sliced Romeoville into four districts.

“I’m kind of surprised they did come together and form a map that both sides could live with,” said Noak, who said he hoped to see the village stay in as few districts as possible.

The new District 3 is home to incumbents Ann Dralle of Lemont and Bolingbrook’s Ed Kusta, both Republicans. Republican Laurie McPhillips is the lone incumbent in the new District 13.

The change will save the county $23,000 per year by reducing the number of county board members from 27 to 26.

The board must redraw the boundaries every 10 years based on U.S. Census results. To view the reapportionment plan, visit the Will County Board website.


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