After Court Win, Glasgow Faces Off Against Carlson

Joliet attorney Dave Carlson hopes to oust James Glasgow in the November election.

Fresh off his victory in the Christopher Vaughn murder trial, Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow drew applause from some of the attendees at the Grand Haven candidates’ event Thursday — but opponent Dave Carlson had some harsh words for his former boss.

Carlson, 41, accused Glasgow of gloating over his recent high-profile convictions of Vaughn and, two weeks ago, Drew Peterson.

The Republican from Plainfield vowed to bring the state’s attorney’s office “back to basics” if he's elected on Nov. 6.

“Take out the media,” Carlson said. “Take out the politics. We shouldn’t gloat. We shouldn’t pound our chests. We shouldn’t act out for the media.

“ … We won’t have that in my administration,” Carlson added, after taking a swipe at Glasgow’s office for employing two full-time media staffers.

Carlson, who left the state’s attorney’s office in 2005 to start his own law firm, said he’s been endorsed by the Joliet, Bolingbrook, Manhattan and New Lenox police departments, along with the Will County Sheriff’s Department.

“To me, that speaks volumes,” he said.

‘Never been prouder’

Glasgow attended the Sept. 20 candidates’ event hours after a jury took just 50 minutes to return a verdict in the quadruple murder case: guilty on all four counts.

“I’ve never been prouder to be your state’s attorney as today,” Glasgow said. “This is a case I worked from the scene, where I saw the children in that Ford [Expedition], until today.”

He cited his lengthy experience as state’s attorney as an advantage over his opponent.

“He’s never prosecuted a murder trial,” Glasgow said. “I prosecuted my first murder trial in 1984 and I’ve never lost one.”

Glasgow also touted his initiatives to advocate for domestic violence victims, from supporting the Take Back the Night campaign to establishing a program with Joliet Junior College to provide education — and a way out — for victims.

“These two cases are the most prominent domestic violence cases in the country and maybe the world,” he said of the Peterson and Vaughn trials. “Everyone said we couldn’t win the Peterson case … I’ve never doubted my ability to do that. Everyone knew what he did and he went on national television and he mocked us.”

Glasgow went on to tell the crowd about other initiatives he’s started as state’s attorney, such as the drug court program — which offers treatment as an alternative to incarceration — and his office’s child advocacy center and Internet child pornography unit.

Glasgow served as state’s attorney from 1992 to 2000 and 2004 to present.

lala September 22, 2012 at 12:18 AM
Under Illinois marijuana laws (720 ILCS 550/4), it is unlawful for any person knowingly to possess cannabis, in any measurable quantity. Gee John, if the judge tells one to stay clean and they choose not to, what other choice does the judge have? The other criminals you spoke of (the diabetic & domestic violence) may have had prior records or were on probation. Did you check in to that aspect? I was very curious about the battery and Sudafed statement. Had to Google that one. I suppose it would be a meth lab if they were lithium batteries, anhydrous ammonia and Sudafed D. I suppose you would also have to have a huge amount. I can't imagine getting arrested for a package of Sudafed and some batteries. By the way, most remotes use alkaline. My kid has allergies and I can only buy Sudafed D from the pharmacy, with a drivers license. I can only buy a certain amount in a month. My personal information is entered into a statewide database. If you want to know where the bail money is going, you can file a FOIA form and find out. I think this is a wonderful program that has helped many people. Of course people must want to help themselves when given the chance.
John Roberts September 23, 2012 at 06:43 PM
Your trying to discredit what I am saying that's cool.you can get arrested for having thoes batteries and a box of sudafed for sure.no matter what they are for,yes I did look into the fact I knew the 2 people and some others that were in the courtroom facing the judge.The point being it is marijuana. Ever hear of the great prison shuffle? This is where politicians have stakes in the private prison system,when a prisoner is sent to a prison the prison receives 42,000 for that inmate after 30 days,if this inmate has to be sent or transferred to another prison that prison gets 42,000 for housing.Know where most of the laws came from that exist today? They were introduced by lobbyists paid for by the Private Prison System....Not for the sake of good...because of that's what ya think your not really paying attention to the war on drugs.Nor the real effects it has it's self on communities and the people that live in them....Most of the time you would never even know someone was doing a drug...Until you go sit in the courtrooms and just watch and lists to what's going on and you can see none of it is doing anything but feeding the politicians.The prisoners,the guards that guard them,the warden,and a lot of the politicians all agree it is not working.
John Roberts September 23, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Being someone that had a lot of opportunities to do what ever I wanted,to others that have addictions of all sorts will tell you outright no prison,no police,no rehab,no program,no threat,no brutality will ever make anyone stop doing anything until the person that is doing the drug wants to quit.Just like some one that wants to be an a$$hole...not going to stop until they want too..lolbut your going to be taxed to try,your going to have your house values dropped,your going to have people you know hurt,arrested,and sentenced to try it...Don't get me wrong things like the child pornography unit.for sure I am all for that,women getting abused sure make a place for them to come but you know as well as I do they will go see their man while he is in prison for years for beating her and she will be with him when he gets out...I have seen it for my self...I know a lady that had a kid while her husband was in prison she named him Justice and told him that was his justice for going to prison...they are together still today...no joking no bull they are still married and together..Know what it did to his family? Left them broke,struggling,no money for food,school,gas,bills,rent.only ones to make any money the politicians and the citizens of the state were left with the bill?
John Roberts September 23, 2012 at 06:59 PM
I guess all I am saying is there needs to be a different approach to things....this rotation of people labeling them criminals for acts that have still never even showed a slight decline when trying to stop or slow them down.Violent acts sure but non violent acts need to be re evaluated there is some really dumb things that a young person can do to be labeled and really never find a job because of it.I don't know how many parents I have seen in a court room after listening to the judage about their kid and say that shouldn't be right....but it is because you never did anything to change it and that's how the law states it to be...
Pat November 08, 2012 at 02:52 AM
To bad Carlson lost the election. We needed a new approach here..


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