Update: Damage and Power Outages Left in Storm's Wake

Residents are reporting that the Leland Hills subdivision and areas of Lakewood East and Cherokee Ridge are without power.

At least one resident in Leland Hills subdivision did not escape the storm without damage.

Mike Keighley, who lives on Carrie in the subdivision on the far east side of Channahon, walked into his living room to see the tree in his front yard on top of his truck.

"I walked in from my kitchen and I walked into the living room and I could not see out the window," he said. "I could not see the truck, something was blocking it and I was like, 'oh jeez.'"

The story was similar throughout Leland Hills.

A couple streets over on Donna and Mary Lou, a tree was split in half and in the middle of the roadway. Channahon Police Detective Adam Bogard was out in his squad car blocking the street.

Andrea Snickeris is a neighbor to the house where the tree fell. She was out on foot late Tuesday, armed with a flashlight, accessing the damage to the area where she lives.

Residents in both Channahon and Minooka are dealing with lost power and television signal, and at least one home was reportedly struck by lightning.

Patch has been unable to substantiate reports of a home struck by lightning in Leland Hills subdivision. However, the subdivision has numerous branches down, some resting on power lines.

Editor's Note: In a previous version of this story, Patch incorrectly identified the location of an attached photo. The error has been fixed.

Ihaveaname August 03, 2011 at 08:18 AM
psssttt... Before adding a description to some pictures, get some facts straight. That flame is coming from the Aux Sable plant. Lyondell's flame stacks never went up, but Aux Sable's lit up the sky for miles. This site is hellbent(mainly the commenters) on blaming and assuming that all the problems around there are coming from Lyondell.
Seth August 03, 2011 at 01:04 PM
I could not agree more. With Lyondell being the biggest plant and most visible it is easier for gossip gophers to point it out.


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