Shorewood Teen Allegedly Runs Car Over Young Woman's Arm During Drug Deal Ripoff

Local overachiever Jacob Gajcak was arrested less than three months ago on drug charges and now may have bigger problems.

A local teen allegedly ran his car over a young woman's arm after she tried to stop him from beating and robbing her boyfriend who, police said, only wanted to buy some drugs.

The driver and alleged drug dealer-turned-ripoff artist — Jacob Gajcak, 18, of 712 Dover Way — was arrested at his home Saturday night on charges of aggravated battery, robbery and resisting arrest, said Shorewood police Cmdr. Eric Allen.

But when Gajcak went to court Monday afternoon, prosecutors dropped those charges down to misdemeanor battery and theft while they further probe his alleged May 30 attack on a young couple.

On that evening, Allen said, a young man and young woman set up a 6:15 p.m. meeting with Gajcak to purchase marijuana.

The parties rendezvoused near the corner of Ranchwood Drive and Colonade Road with the male half of the young couple getting inside Gajcak's car, Allen said. But instead of just selling him marijuana as he had agreed to, Gajcak pummeled his customer and took his money.

Gajcak's mark apparently gave as good as he got, as Gajcak sports a black eye in his county jail mugshot.

"The injuries in the photograph are from the fight on the 30th," Allen said, and not from when Gajcak allegedly resisted arrest Saturday night.

In that instance, Gajcak simply ran away from the police and tried to retreat to the safety of his home, Allen said.

While Gajcak was scuffling with the young man he was supposed to sell marijuana to, the young woman yanked open the driver's side door and tried to pull Gajcak away, Allen said. In response, Gajcak dropped his car into drive and lurched forward, knocking the young woman to the pavement.

A source familiar with the investigation said one of the wheels rolled over the prone woman's arm, breaking the bone. Troy Township firefighters transported the young woman to Provena St. Joseph Medical Center, said Fire Chief Steve Engledow.

The Shorewood police captured Gajcak, whose occupation, according to jail records, is "sandblasting," after obtaining a warrant to search his car, Allen said.

It was not known if the searched vehicle was the same one Gajcak was driving when the police pulled him over on March 23 and on charges of possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of drug equipment, unlawful use of a hidden compartment and speeding.

While the felony charges filed by the Shorewood police were reduced to misdemeanors in court Monday, prosecutors are likely going to boost them back up again.

"The (misdemeanor) charges are related to the fight with the male victim," said Charles B. Pelkie, the spokesman for the Will County State's Attorney's Office. "The other allegations are under investigation and we'll be reviewing them for further charges."

Judge Marzell Richardson set Gajcak's bond at $3,500. Gajcak appeared at his Monday afternoon bond hearing through a video feed broadcast from the jail. He politely thanked Richardson for the $3,500 bond and told him to "have a great day."

jeff whistler September 17, 2011 at 09:19 PM
what the hell is wrong if the boy was not selling dope and beating ppl up ummmm why did the cops get in to it there is only one side to this story the kid is a screw up get a clue we should just kill the kid end of problem no more problem with that kid start killing them and maybe they will start acting right
kenna September 20, 2011 at 01:55 AM
Okay, first off let's start with blaming Jacob for his own actions. My parents have done all they could. For all of you that haven't stepped in either of my parents shoes clearly don't know a damn thing they have been through. So therefore, I suggest you shut your mouth considering you have absolutely no idea what your talking about. We can all agree that yes, he deserves to be punished for the crimes he committed. But does it make it right how they arrested him and the accessive force they used against him? Almost about an inch from tazing me or the animals in my house? Absolutely not. Relocating from shorewood? How about you relocate your lips somewhere else. My father has owned his own business Will County Phone Service for 29 years. He is a hard working, magnificent person. It's not a "fail" on their part. It's a fail on jakes. He made his own decisions.. Maybe they weren't good decisions at all.. But what else can my parents do? Hold him down and taze him? No. They've tried their absolute hardest. Try stepping in their shoes.. I can guarantee you wouldn't do half as good as they have done over the years. Thank you
Walter Anderson September 21, 2011 at 12:53 PM
One more time we have to congratulate Shorewood police for doing their job and at the same time ask WHY do the courts let people with records of multiple offenses off with a slap on the wrist on a continuing basis? It seems that there are MULTIPLE persons/entities involved in this situation that have done other than what they should have.
Outlaw January 31, 2013 at 05:48 AM
Welcome to the real world Jim
GlockG22Shoots40s January 31, 2013 at 05:47 PM
I have two children... neither have a drug problem, a theft problem, or a respect for authority problem. Don't blame the cops, your POS brother ran from them. They chase criminals who run. They catch and contain them any way they can. Here's an idea. Next time the police are apprehending someone, get the hell out of the way so you don't become a casualty of the moment.


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