Secret Service After 5 For Allegedly Scamming Area Walmarts Out of Electronics For Resale

Walmarts in Bolingbrook, Romeoville and Lockport were targeted by the five crooks, according to a criminal complaint.

The U.S. Secret Service exposed a band of crooks who scammed area Walmart stores out of electronics, according to criminal complaints filed Wednesday in Will County court.

Court files show the Secret Service has cases going against four Chicago residents and a woman from Bensenville.

The five were involved in using stolen identities to purchase electronics from Walmart stores in order to resell the merchandise, according to criminal complaints.

The crew targeted Walmart stores in Bolingbrook, Romeoville and Lockport, the complaints said.

The five people facing charges are:
  • Nikia Gage, 33, of 5925 W. Thomas St. in Chicago
  • Stacey Samuels, 34, of 63185 S. Seeley Ave. in Chicago
  • Christina Criscione, 35, of 236 S. Mason St. in Bensenville
  • Annie Wilson, 32, of 918 Lavergne Ave. in Chicago
  • Harold Harper, 47, of 5701 S. Hoyne Ave. in Chicago
Gage was charged with being the organizer of a financial criminal enterprise, burglary and identity theft.

Samuels, Criscione and Harper were charged with a continuing financial criminal enterprise, burglary and identity theft.

Wilson was charged only with burglary and identity theft.

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Valerie Gerum March 20, 2014 at 06:22 PM
Looks like it didn't work out so well. ..dumb asses
American Citizen March 21, 2014 at 12:46 PM
What alse are they scamming they are probably on welfare too


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