Plainfield Cops: Keep Garages Locked to Protect Against Panhandlers

Police have received several reports of a man begging for money in Plainfield subdivisions.

Police are warning residents to keep their garage doors closed and locked, even during the daytime, after receiving several reports of a man panhandling in Plainfield neighborhoods.

Sgt. Mike Fisher said he first fielded a report of a man approaching residents in the Spangler’s Farm subdivision, located west of Route 59 near Renwick Road, in late November. He said the man, who was around 60 years old and was driving a gray compact car, was approaching homeowners and asking for money.

“If he sees your garage door open, he’ll go into your garage,” Fisher said. “He’ll ask you for money.”

A resident in Ashbury Farm subdivision, located east of Route 59 and south of Renwick, said neighbors there have also been approached.

The homeowner said she believes she was approached by the man because her garage door was open.

“He tells a rambling story of various misfortunes and then asks for money,” she said.

Fisher noted that police in Shorewood have also gotten similar reports of panhandling.

“I don’t think anybody’s in danger,” Fisher said. “I think he’s just a beggar.”

Fisher urged residents to keep their garage doors closed and locked at all times, and keep their vehicles locked as well.

He said residents shouldn’t hesitate to call the police if they see someone who appears out of place.

“We’d rather come out there and find out that it was a neighbor walking down the street,” Fisher said. “If it’s nothing, great. If it’s something, we’d rather put a stop to it" before property turns up missing, he added.

Fisher said he did stop a man he believed was behind the incident in Spangler's Farm and issued him citations for driving with an expired license and expired insurance. In several other instances, residents have called to report similar incidents, but the alleged panhandler was gone by the time police arrived, Fisher said.

Tracie December 14, 2012 at 01:23 AM
yeah the freak was sitting in front of my house and I followed him out of our court cause I knew he was up to no good....what a bum
Kathy December 15, 2012 at 02:31 AM
My husband was out in the garage the day before Thanksgiving, this guy came up and gave him his sad story. Husband told him he felt bad but couldn't help him. I was really worried, not ever having someone come to my house begging so, I call the non-emergency police number. The person I talked to acted like I was an idoit for even calling. Well, it is the season and people are out of jobs and it not unusual for people to ask other people for help. I said you are absolutly right! But not at my house in my garage by a stranger. He came back the next day and parked in front of our house for a while and then left. I didn't dare call our police department back!!!
Christina December 15, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Ahh, Plainfield home of the true Christian heart and padded wallet.
BitterBluePoison December 16, 2012 at 01:59 AM
Angels come to us in many guises. Lets not be afraid to show that we are truly God's people. Give a little...get a lot. What do you have that a needy person could put to good use? Yes ...in these days you have to be careful...but you don't have to be unnecessarily callous.
T-Bone December 16, 2012 at 03:53 AM
BBP- This is how you will become a victim. Yes, I'm all for helping out a person down on their luck but you come in my garage uninvited, it's on!


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