Bolingbrook Officer Filmed Playing Video Poker on the Job is Subject of Internal Investigation

A YouTube video of a Bolingbrook police officer allegedly playing video poker while driving in a snowstorm surfaced on Tuesday night. The officer has been identified and now is the subject of an internal investigation.

A Bolingbrook police officer spotted—and filmed—allegedly playing video poker while driving his squad car in a snowstorm has been identified, Bolingbrook Lt. Mike Rompa said.

He said many of the questions about what happens next cannot be answered at this time. How was the officer identified? By markings on the squad car? Does the officer face disciplinary action? Will the officer be terminated?

"The officer in this video has been identified," Rompa said. "Due to the seriousness of this incident, the Bolingbrook Police Department has placed this under an internal investigation."

How long will it take to complete the investigation?

"These are questions which cannot be answered until the conclusion of the investigation," Rompa said. "I cannot supply a time frame, nor can I go into specifics at this time."

The video of the officer playing video poker first was posted on YouTube Tuesday night, Jan. 7. By Wednesday morning, the video had logged 777 views.

The poster of the video said the incident occurred on Jan. 4. And the officer's squad car is covered in places with snow, the result of a two-day storm that hit the area.  The National Weather Service reported a 7-inch snowfall total for Bolingbrook from Jan. 4-5.

Here is how the incident was described by the woman who shot the footage:

"This video was taken 01/04/2014 in Bolingbrook IL at rush hour while the roads weren't plowed and it was snowing. I was the one to capture this video in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. He was driving and trying to play video poker at the same time while road conditions were already treacherous."

YOUR TURN: Are you a no tolerance type disciplinarian? Or, are you willing to judge this officer on his/her record, and make a decision that goes beyond this one incident? Tell us on the comments below.

Fred Savage January 09, 2014 at 05:16 PM
Put him on paid administrative leave for a month of free vacation while the investigation concludes. Then establish he has a gambling addiction and send him to another month of therapy...paid of course. Then permanent disability pay for life because he cant be cured. He can then get a county job as a preferred disabled hire and collect two.pensions when he retires at age 52. Isn't that the IL union way?
hollaluyaatchaboy January 11, 2014 at 11:03 AM
For all whos quick to defend this officer clearly has never been harassed, or bogus charges put on them. Bolingbrook coos have always been out of hand and they are known for giving African Americans a hard time and seldom a fair shake. Its not just this officer its will co in general. Dupage is no different. My factory radio got my car towed and in the end cost me $750. No warning , nothing first time my car got to ride on heartbreaks tow truck with 5 scaud cars that showed up for one radio infraction. Besides this is just something he was caught doing. What about all the racial profiling this officer has done. Tax players money he is sqawndering away. Get your tongue off the bpd s ass and except he messed up and get rid of one racist badge. The whole force is Damn near KKK offilates.


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