Letter: Pension Mess Blame Goes to Madigan, Walsh

Will County executive candidate Cory Singer says opponent Walsh's and the House speaker need to defend shifting pension debt to local school districts.

Dear Editor;

As a member and a candidate for Will County executive, I am calling on Will County Executive Larry Walsh to invite Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan for a free lunch in Will County.

The lunch should be a forum for Walsh and Madigan to explain why Will County school districts and taxpayers should be punished with a huge tax increase when the state has so poorly managed its finances.

Speaker Madigan is pushing a plan to transfer $40 billion of state teacher pension liabilities onto local school districts and communities. Recently, the speaker said suburban and downstate taxpayers are getting a “free lunch” when it comes to paying for those pension liabilities. 

The speaker and his friends have led Illinois into a giant financial mess, and now he wants us to pick up the tab. For decades, the Walsh/McGuire “family business” has represented Will County in Springfield, working hand in hand with Speaker Madigan. The state ignored its financial responsibilities when they were at the helm. 

This plan will destroy our local schools, but the speaker is pushing it because he can. The state is run by Chicago politicians, and they have no regard for the people of Will County. We needs leaders who will stand up against this.

I'm happy to split the cost if Mr. Walsh and Mr. Madigan are willing to face the residents of Will County and explain why they should burden us with this huge tax increase.

Cory Singer

Will County Board, District 1 (R-Frankfort)

Will County Executive Candidate


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