Letter: Madigan Question Requires a Simple Yes or No

Writer frustrated that Natalie Manley, the Democrat running for the 98th House seat, would not say whether she support House Speaker Michael Madigan if elected.

Dear Editor;

While I was in attendance at the Grand Haven election forum last week, I applauded the young man who had the courage to ask the all too well-known, mind-boggling question, “Do you or do you not support (House Speaker) Mike Madigan?”

The young man claimed to be a student of Lewis University and said he has an interest in finding out which candidate will best serve him going down to Springfield.

While Bob Kalnicky, the Republican candidate for state representative in the 98th District, expressed his stern opinion on the abolishment of the Madigan ways in Springfield, once again we get the traditional political tippy-toe answer of “I support the 98th district” from Natalie Manley, the Democrat opponent against Kalnicky.

Ms. Manley, do you really support me and the rest of the 98th District? Or is this just another Chicago politician game being played where it doesn’t belong?  

David Miller


Bill Mahone September 26, 2012 at 11:26 PM
She has taken over $150,000 from Madigan, what a coward she is, I hope she gets beaten on election day.


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