Hey, Mom and Dad: Did You Tell The Kids Who You Voted For This Election?

Parents, Patch wants to hear from you on the questions that get families talking.

Welcome to "Hey, Mom and Dad"—a weekly feature where we ask our Facebook fans to share their views on parenting. Every week, we get the conversation started by taking a look back at a question we asked parents the week before on Patch Facebook pages from around the area.

Elections and the associated politics can be difficult for young minds to grasp. Still, it's hard to imagine last week's election went unnoticed by our country's young citizens and it's safe to bet they had some questions about the process.

That brings us to this week's question.

Did you discuss the election and how you voted with your children? Why or why not?

Laura L. Of course, I told my 7- and 9-year-olds. We made it a trip out together. I let them read the ballot and watch me fill it out. They were very interested and was amazed at how "official" it was to vote. "Nothing like a class vote". My 9-year-old son kept jokingly saying, "I'm Bob Dole, and I approve this message..." Everyone was cracking up. Why would you not tell your kids??? Just curious? via Oswego Patch

Anissa S. I was happy to see so many people bring their children with them to vote! Children need to see that it is so important to vote. What better way than by example. via Montgomery Patch

Lauren G. I let my kids know that I went and voted but not who I voted for because I did not feel that was information that they needed. The fact that I support the country and doing my civic duty is a much more important lesson for them to learn. via Plainfield Patch

Chrissy R. Well, for one thing, we NEVER knock down either party nor do we knock down either candidate. What will that accomplish? We teach them about values and morals and to look for these qualities in each candidate. via Bolingbrook Patch

Jennie M. We did & our 9 year old told all his friends at school. He was proud that we voted I guess. via Yorkville Patch

Take a look at what people had to say and join the conversation in the comments section.

So what's your take? Tell us in the comments. 


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