Caption This! Cat Stages Sneak Attack on Dogs

What's this cat thinking, as it looks ready to pounce on its canine friends?

Patch readers, you're up!

We need your wit, creativity and animal psychic abilities to craft the perfect caption for the next edition of our pet photo caption challenge! 

What's this cat thinking, as it looks ready to pounce on its canine friends?

Suggest your caption in the Comments section below. Comments will close at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17. The winner will be announced Thursday, Oct. 18. 

The author of the winning caption and pet owner will receive a Patch-branded version of the photo, with the caption inserted. 

Congratulations to last week's winner, Mark, with the winning caption to Kitten Sneaks into Duffel Bag.   

I know I look cute, but I'm actually going to the bathroom in your bag.

Have a photo you'd like captioned in future editions? Add it to our collection and your pet will be featured in weeks to come!


  1. Any animal will do. Dogs, cats, horses, lizards, birds, guinea pigs—you name it, we'll take it.
  2. Limit of 4 photos per person (or family), per month. 
  3. Submission is ongoing. Post your photos whenever you have them; the more photos, the better.

charlies angel October 12, 2012 at 06:50 AM
Ive always been the blacksheep of the family
Lori October 12, 2012 at 01:08 PM
On the count of three, we wash her ears!
Maureen October 12, 2012 at 10:30 PM
Dog in black collar: Wow, that cat-nip stuff is pretty awesome, I totally feel like taking a nap. Dog in red collar: By the way, have you seen our furry little feline friend? Wonder what she's up too, however for some strange reason I don't really care!
Josephine Hanlon October 13, 2012 at 02:13 AM
All right you two-the couch belongs to me-you've got your own beds-now get in them!!!
Andre D.Lewis November 09, 2012 at 09:43 PM
peeeoww you guys need a bath


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