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Truck Driver Charged In I-55 Crash That Killed 4

Illinois loophole allows Nursing Homes to operate without liabilty insurance.

An article addressing a loophole in Illinois law.

If you find yourself checking into nursing home care for a loved one, be sure to ask and demand to see proof of liability insurance. The State of Illinois, in it's infinite wisdom, requires you, me, and everyone who drives a vehicle, to obtain liability insurance, to protect persons who we might injure while driving. The State of Illinois, however, does not require Nursing Homes to carry liability insurance for accidents or abuse which occurs to the Nursing Home residents.

There are many reputable and excellent Nursing Homes out there that provide excellent care to the residents and they carry liability insurance. There are also Nursing Home institutions out there that hire and employ abusive employees that injure and neglect residents and do not carry liability insurance. The real estate that these places is on are owned by unknown trusts and shell corporations and the nursing homes are owned and operated by underfunded shell corporations and holding companies. The whole purpose is to make it impossible for anyone to recover any money in the event a lawsuit is filed on behalf of an injured resident.

There are some people who might feel that it is perfectly logical for the State of Illinois to require us to have insurance when we drive a car but allow Nursing Homes to operate without liability insurance. For the rest of us please consider the following:

1. Contact your State of Illinois Representatives and request that they require Nursing Homes to carry liability insurance.

2. If you are looking at Nursing Homes, demand proof of insurance.

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BUTCH January 11, 2013 at 10:47 AM
They did this in return for the Home to accept gangsters and mental patients because they closed the Prisons and mental health facilities
John Roberts January 11, 2013 at 04:32 PM
They did this for more money...they suck the life out of insurance plans but do not have to have insurance to run..lol...thought it was a law for all businesses to carry a bonded insurance..more corruption from people as same a government and we wonder what the hell is the matter with this world..because everyone too busy trying to get theirs and do not care if it is moral or not...so we live in a world with very little morals now...all for the love of that piece of paper with a face on it we call money...people screwing over family,people being killed,wars being waged,all for money...I would rather go to another state than be here in Illinois under people who have no liability for your care,people being beat,killed,mistreated in these nursing homes and they hold not liability? Hope this place gets shut down from lack of business..I know I wouldn't send my family members anywhere people can just do as they please with em and deny everything and hold no responsibility if something happens to my family member...this boasting of no liability just shows how corrupt this place will be..even if it includes your family members..
Don Siedenburg July 21, 2014 at 12:04 PM
Since the nursing homes in Illinois do not have to carry liability insurance they probably don't have to honor living wills. Also, they probably are all "Litigation Proof" because what attorney would represent you.


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