Morning Storm Damages Minooka Baseball Dugout

Wind in nearby Joliet was clocked at 70 mph, enough to down trees in Minooka and rip siding from homes in Channahon.

The air in and was filled with the sounds of chainsaws Tuesday, as residents worked to clear the damage from storms that passed through in the early morning hours.

"It just looks like very strong winds came through very quickly," said Amy Seeley, a meteorologist with the in Romeoville.

No wind strength estimates were available for the two towns, but parts of Joliet clocked winds at about 70 mph, Seeley said. Winds in Romeoville were not far behind, topping at about 65 miles per hour, she added.

Minooka Police Chief Justin Meyer said the area just northeast of downtown seemed hardest hit.

"It just happened this morning," he said. "Just a big gust of wind came through. It did not last very long."

Perhaps the worst damage was the baseball dugout east of , which lost its roof and parts of a concrete block wall.

Beyond that, most of the damage was limited to downed trees and tree limbs and clusters of leaves scattered in the street.

"There was a tree that landed on a roof on Davidson Drive," Meyer said.

Davidson Drive is north of Coady Drive, where the dugout was damaged.

In Channahon, damage was scattered, with the worst appearing to be in the Hunter's Crossing subdivision, where residents reported that siding was torn from their houses. Other residents said they heard wind, but had no rain or damage.

The National Weather Service is forecasting a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms Tuesday night.


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