Plenty of Variety at Gordon Biersch

Despite the German name, the menu features ethnic dishes of all types, plus good old American fare.

In the mood for a Märzen by Macy’s, or maybe a Hefeweizen near H & M? How about a Pilsner at the Promenade? To check out all these delicious beers and some incredible food, head to , located at 639 E. Boughton Road at the Bolingbrook Promenade. The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes and handcrafted German beers.

You might think that a place known for their German beers might have a primarily German menu, but you’d be wrong. Gordon Biersch’s menu offers Thai, Mexican, American and Italian dishes, among others, on their regular menu, including a variety of seafood tacos that I’m dying to try on my next visit. For the summer, the restaurant is also featuring a special Caribbean menu with items like jerk chicken sliders. 

On our most recent visit, my husband and I split the shrimp and chicken pot stickers appetizer, which was a great mix of spicy and sweet. As for entrees, though the lobster and shrimp mac and cheese caught my eye (especially since it’s made with bowtie pasta, in my opinion the king of all pasta noodles), I had to go with my Gordon Biersch standby: the hummus and goat cheese salad, which I ordered with grilled salmon on it. While this salad might sound like a light meal, it may be the mother of all salads:  a huge plate of seasoned flatbread, tennis ball-sized dollops of hummus, goat cheese,and red peppers, all served on top of mixed greens with a balsamic vinaigrette. It could easily feed two people, and is great for leftovers.

My husband tried an item off the summer specialty menu for his entrée: the Jamaican Kobe beef burger. The burger (which, sadly, is not served on a pretzel roll; Gordon Biersch has yet to learn the rule that every sandwich is better on pretzel bread) was seasoned with jerk spices and served with tropical fruit salsa. My husband loved it; I took one bite and exclaimed, “This tastes how a Strawberry Shortcake doll smells!” Though that might sound strange, it was actually a compliment. 

As for dessert, I think Gordon Biersch needs a little innovation on their menu. We tried a dessert from the specialty menu, a grilled banana split, and it was fine but nothing to write home about. The rest of the desserts were of the typical chocolate cake/cheesecake/apple dessert variety. They also have miniature versions of many of their desserts at lower prices, another trend I’m seeing a lot of at restaurants these days.

Now, on to the beers. Gordon Biersch is known for their beers, and with good reason. We each had the beer sampler, which was small samples of six of their beers, ranging from light wheat beers to darker lagers. My favorite was the aforementioned Hefeweizen, a wheat beer with a slight banana taste. 

Gordon Biersch is a great spot with a wide variety of foods and beverages. Stop by the next time you’re at the Promenade!

Walter July 22, 2011 at 04:31 PM
i am willing to give it another try, tried eating twice already and both times service was just awful, took over 1/2 hour on a tuesday night to get a drink order to our table then after we had ordered our dinner and waiting another 40 minutes, we were told that they have no more rice for our meals....really??!! on a tuesday and you all of suden run out of rice??


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