Zip Fitness Aims to be the Affordable Alternative

Local gym is one of five locations, all with affordable membership and friendly staff, which owners say makes the difference.

Zip Fitness is tucked into a strip mall along Jefferson Street in Joliet. It is one of five Zip Fitness locations in the state of Illinois and it has one goal in mind.

Zip Fitness co-owner Jim Reddinger said 15 percent of the population already belong to a fitness facility.

"We're trying to be a gym for that 85 percent of people," he said. "We are a fitness club for people who haven't been in fitness before."

Zip Fitness does not want to be intimidating. The business wants everyone that comes in the door to feel welcome, no matter if they are overweight or out of shape or just unsure where to start.

To that end, the business has a gym genius in place. Someone who is always on the fitness floor who can answer questions, design a workout plan and just help members feel more comfortable.

General Manager Anthony Deato runs the Joliet and Bolingbrook facilities. He believes the business strives to value each member.

"We have our gym genius in place and the rest of our staff are really encouraging and upbeat," he said. "We greet everyone by first name."

In addition to being approachable, the gym keeps its membership affordable, a goal that Reddinger and co-owner Chris Wilson say is integral to the company.

A basic membership is $12.99 per month with a small joining fee. A gold membership, which allows access to multiple locations and other technological perks, is $24.99 per month. No membership requires a commitment.

"We just want people to know it's friendly and affordable," Reddinger said.

tracyb bjekich January 24, 2013 at 03:14 PM
Great place to go! Love that I don't have to spend a lot of money for such a nice place. Staff is friendly and attentive and never have they acted as if they are to busy to assist.


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