Free Gyros Day is Here

Pass the Tzatziki sauce, it's time for a free lunch.

Did you know it's Free Gyros Day?

That's right, the annual promotion by Kronos Foods is once again upon us. And that means thousands of the tasty Greek-American sandwiches are being handed out, gratis, to hungry patrons. Here's a look at the closest participating restaurants:


, 13327 S. Route 59, Suite 500


Nick's Barbecue, 649 N. Independence Blvd.

Pop's Italian Beef & Sausage, 277 S. Weber Rd.


Niko's Pizzeria, 1015 Essington Rd.

For a complete listing and maps of participating restaurants, visit the Kronos website. You can redeem your coupon by visiting the official Free Gyros Day website. To see the "Making of a Gyro Cone," check out this fascinating 2009 New York Times video.



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