Que Is Looking for a New Home — Maybe Yours?

Credit: Romeoville Humane Society
Credit: Romeoville Humane Society
Submitted by the Romeoville Humane Society:

Que is a 3-year-old male American Staffordshire bulldog terrier mix available for adoption:

Que is a very friendly boy who loves Loves LOVES attention and cuddling. He gets along very well with the 3 other dogs at his foster home. At our adoption events, he is always the first one to go up to all the other dogs to say HI and greet them with a smile. He wants to interact and play with the cat at his foster home but this is not an option says the feline. 

Que has started to become a little more playful but often seems cautious to play. He is a very laid-back boy. This good boy is fully housebroken and has learned to ring a bell on the back door when he needs to go out and do his business. Not a big barker. 

Getting affection from people is what he lives for; he is currently learning not to jump on people as he gets very excited. He is also learning that it is ok when other dogs approach his food bowl during his feeding time. He has no outward aggression. Walks and the dog park are thoroughly enjoyed - he is very good on a leash and does not pull or try to get loose. He also runs off leash at the park with the other dogs and is a good listener and comes when called though he never wanders far. Not only does he obey "come" but he also knows his "sit" and "stay" commands. Last but not least, Que is wonderful with children, even small ones. This awesome boy will make one lucky family very happy and be a loyal and loved companion. 

Que’s $200 adoption fee includes his neuter, vaccines, fecal and heartworm tests, and microchipping. For more information on adoption, contact the Romeoville Humane Society by email at romeovillehumanesociety@yahoo.com or phone (877) 813-7300.


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