Elsa is Looking for a Home — Maybe Yours?

Credit: Romeoville Humane Society
Credit: Romeoville Humane Society
Submitted by the Romeoville Humane Society:

Elsa is a wonderful 1-year-old female domestic shorthair cat available for adoption.

Sweet and wonderful cat! 

Elsa is such a good girl, she lovvvvves people. When anyone comes around, there is Elsa to greet you and say hi. She will rub up against everyone and purr you a warm "welcome."

She likes to talk to you and keeps great company. But when by herself she is very quiet and is happy to entertain herself with a variety of toys. Her favorite toy is a feather on a stick with a bell... that one she enjoys when you can spend a little interactive time playing with her. Catnip is also thoroughly enjoyed. 

This purr-fect little miss doesn't mind other cats at all, even the ones that don't seem to like her and hiss when they see her; her friendly temperament just dismisses any issue and finds herself something else to do. 

Dogs have scared her thus far and send her hiding under the bed, but she has only been around extremely energetic large dogs. With a smaller or more laid back dog she will most likely adjust well with a gradual introduction. 

Worried about clipping nails? Don't be, Miss Elsa sits pretty and doesn't have a care in the world as she's being manicured. She also uses only her scratching post and has no interest in furniture. Elsa is a truly amazing young cat and will make a wonderful companion and pet.

Elsa’s $125 adoption fee includes her spay, vaccines, fecal and FIV/Felv tests, and microchipping.  For more information on adoption, contact the Romeoville Humane Society by email at romeovillehumanesociety@yahoo.com or phone (877) 813-7300.


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