Bolingbrook Among Cheapest Towns to Get a Speeding Ticket: Study

But you're still better off — not to mention safer — if you slow down.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
You'll save yourself some aggravation — and some money — if you ease up on the gas and follow the speed limit.

But according to a study from NerdWallet.com, lead-footed drivers in Bolingbrook fare better financially than speeding scofflaws in many other Illinois towns.

According to the study, the true cost of a speeding ticket in Illinois is 6.2 times the cost of the actual fine, with drivers paying an average of $744 in total for a $120 speeding ticket. 

The consumer finance site took a look at how much speeding costs Illinois drivers and found that over a five-year period — because that's how long insurance hikes last in Illinois — a speeding ticket in Bolingbrook costs $614.35.

While speeding is always a costly proposition, that's cheaper than many other towns, including the most expensive town, Harvey, where driving too fast will cost you almost $1,000. Oak Lawn isn't far behind, at $924, and in DeKalb, it'll cost you $878.

NerdWallet also found:
  • Drivers in Evanston and Vernon Hills pay the least at $577.40 and $588.75, respectively. 
  • Nine out of the top 10 most expensive cities are in Cook County.
  • The average car insurance increase for Illinois drivers after a 15 miles per hour over the limit speeding ticket is $124.80 per year. Insurance increases often last for five years in Illinois, which means a $120 ticket actually costs $744.
  • In Illinois, the average driver will face a 12.34% annual insurance premium increase after receiving a speeding ticket.


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